Friday, February 6, 2009

Stupid Groundhog...

It appears that little critter, Phil, was just messing with us earlier this week. This little false spring we're getting is nice, even if it is a tease, since I know we will still see plenty of bitter cold before brighter times are upon us.

The good news is that once the warm weather breaks, that means I can use the small fermenters to brew up another batch of lager, in this case, Hammer of the Gods Imperial Baltic Porter. Being a lager, it will like to ferment cool, in the 50s or so, so another artic blast will be welcome, in that sense. Hammer of the Gods will be a massive beer, I am targeting 9.5% ABV and plan to age it until next winter before serving. It will be brewed with Pilsner, Munich, Rye, CaraFa II Special, Special B, Special Roast and Caramel 60L malts and Belgian Dark Candi Syrup and hopped with Magnum and Mt. Hoods.

Next month or March, I will acquire a used Bourbon Barrel, which I have devious plans for. I will fill it with Cardinal Direction Abbey Dubbel and inoculate it with Roselare Blend. It will undergo a massive transformation and will emerge from its woody cocoon in about two years as a totally transformed beer. A portion will be pulled out and carbonated for service and the barrel will again be topped up with fresh Dubbel to mature for the next year.

Dead Flowers Double IPA, Abominator Smoked Doppelbock and Billy Pilgrim's Imperial Pilsner are all patiently conditioning in the cellar and coming along nicely. I had talked of Dead Flowers Double IPA on cask, and depending on the actual yield, this may or may not happen (such insane hop usage does have its drawback, getting less beer out of the process). After Hammer of the Gods hits fermentation row it will be followed with Sticke Fingers Rye Altbier, Old Harbinger American Barleywine and a Wheatwine. There is also Pale Ryeder Palm Sugar Rye Tripel, a Spiced Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Rye IPA and others in the works. Black Sky Stout Porter is almost ready to serve, and will hit the taps next Friday to be followed by its sibling, Black Dawn Coffee Porter. Also, Cardinal Direction Abbey Dubbel hit the taps today, and holy guacamole! it is good!

Brewed with Pilsner, Munich, Wheat, Special B and Caramel 60L malts, Belgian Dark Candi Syrup, Turbinado Sugar, Magnum, Sterling and Kent Goldings hops and fermented with our house Belgian Yeast culture to 7% ABV and 25 IBUs it is a warming, rich offering with a crisp, clean and dry finish.

See you all at the bar!

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Ericstl6 said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! Oh and the APA didn't make it 5 minutes after I ran into you at The Stable. Trust me I tried!