Thursday, February 26, 2009

Smooth Sailing!

Well, folks, last weekend went much better than the previous brew session. Good friend and accomplished homebrewer, Jeff Harbaugh, pitched in on the brew day. He made quite a contribution, the recipe. We have brewed his serial award winning Irish Red Ale. Rechristed as '1849 Irish Red Ale'.
Here is the rundown on all the bling that Jeff's Irish Red Ale has brought back:
2005 Upper Mississippi Mashout 3rd
2005 Kansas City Biermeisters 3rd
2005 BUZZ Boneyard Brewoff 3rd
2005 St. Louis Brews HHHC 2nd
2006 BUZZ Boneyard Brewoff 1st
2007 AHA Nat'ls First Round 1st

This is a beer with quite a pedigree. I made some adjustments from Jeff's recipe to make it turn out properly on our system, but it has been awarded Jeff's seal of approval.

1849 Irish Red Ale weighs in at 22 IBUs and 5.5% ABV. It is ruby red in color with a toffee and toasty malt profile, floral hop presence and a soft, slightly sweet, clean finish. Great with classic Irish fare.

The name comes from the song by the Irish Folk-Rock band 'The Elders' from Kansas City. '1849' is from their first, self titled album. It tells the story of Irish immigrants fleeing to the United States from the wrath of the potato famine.

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