Friday, February 13, 2009

Beer Geek Gauntlet!

St. Louis beer geeks rejoice! The Jefferson Ave. bridge is finally completed!

If the reason for my excitement isn't immiately clear, allow me to explain.

Morgan Street Brewery, the Schlafly Taproom, Buffalo Brewing Company and the upcoming Cathedral Square Brewing Company are all more or less along a 3 mile long stretch of Olive/Lindell/Locust. 

Then we have Square One Brewery and Distillery, 33 Wine Shop and Bailey's Chocolate Bar all nestled in Lafayette Square on Park Ave.

Of course, further south we have The Stable, Mattingly Brewing Company (duh...) and the upcoming FOAM.

All of these are easily connected by if not on Jefferson Ave.

Looks like we may have to arrange an epic brewpub and beer bar crawl at some point...

By the way... Black Sky Stout Porter now on tap at Mattingly Brewing Company!

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